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Hi, I’m Kira and I’m addicted to sugar!!  10 years ago, I made this realization as I lined up in the Starbucks drive-through for my second Grande Mocha  of the day.  From that day forward, I've been on a journey to figure out why I craved sugar all day (hint: I was physically addicted to it and also used it to calm and reward!!)  Through lots of study, trial and error and experimenting on myself, I'm doing much better with my sugar addiction.  I'm helping others find better wellness. and I want to help you too!!


I am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Health Educator.  I have over 20 years of experience in health education and coaching and am dedicated to helping people make the behavioral change necessary to live A Well Fed Life. My passion is to use coaching and educational tools to help everyone improve their health and wellness in the most holistic ways possible, addressing issues of mind, body and spirit.  I help people to reach their health goals slowly but surely, so it becomes and remains part of their new lifestyle.  

What is Health Coaching??  It's a relatively new field in Healthcare and is based on the Coach helping the Client tap into the wisdom that they already have (even if they don't realize it) to set larger and smaller goals towards better health.  We discuss the Clients vision for their life and what they value most and use this information to set specific, measurable and achievable goals. If there are challenges to meeting these goals, we work on those, always focusing on the positive!!  I truly believe there is no "failure" to achieve a goal...each challenge in changing our behavior is an opportunity to learn something and re-frame the goal until it's achievable. If you smoke, I can help you quit! If you are pre-diabetic, I can help you get your blood sugar down!  If you need to lose weight, I'll help you make the changes that will become part of your lifestyle and help you keep your weight where you want it.

A word about what to eat...There are hundreds of dietary theories out there and the information is overwhelming.  As a Coach, I don't recommend any particular theory but rather, help the Client decide what is best for them.  I do believe the food system in our country is broken.  We are eating more processed food, sugar, antibiotic/hormone laced meat and dairy and genetically modified products than ever before.  Our health is paying the price in obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease,  autoimmune and digestive disorders and brain disorders such as Alzheimers, autism, depression and other mental illnesses.  By eating better quality food, in smaller quantities, we can heal many of these issues, find greater energy and reduce our risk for future disease.  I am dedicated to bringing awareness of these issues to the community, through my coaching, public speaking and other education initiatives I am involved with.

Education and training:

-National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach - National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching, June 2018​

-Certified Holistic Health Coach - Institute for Integrative Nutrition, July 2016

-Certified Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach - Centers for Disease Control, April 2016

-Certified Tobacco Training Specialist - Rutgers University, May 2015

-Ongoing Continuing Education through Southeastern PA Tobacco Control Project, April, 2006 to Present

-Certified Lactation Counselor - Nursing Mother's Advisory Council, October, 1995

-Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Fine Arts - Dickinson College