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Working with Kira was like checking in weekly with my own wisdom. Her witnessing presence was all I needed to build my own awareness. They say that “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” and that’s how it was for me. I was ready, she appeared and was available in a way that never felt rushed. It felt, on the contrary like there was always a spaciousness around our appointments. And since working with her, I’ve met my goals. 6 months out now, I’m sustaining them. And of course this is all predicated on the fact that she knows her stuff and it’s based in science (not woo woo). Her service was a gift I gave to myself right when I needed it.           LN -  Doylestown, PA



“Kira was a huge help to me as together we reviewed my food choices and overall management of my health and well-being. She listened carefully and offered insightful and informed feedback, encompassing information on nutrition as well as behavioral and emotional aspects of dietary choices. Our discussions ranged well beyond food and included building awareness of ways to integrate healthful eating, exercise, and stress management to facilitate finding the joy in life’     -LW, Doylestown, PA

 “Kira’s talk was the best…down to earth, practical day-to-day solutions for common eating problems in daily life.                -  JH, Doylestown, PA


I received tremendous value from participating in the Group Health Coaching Program with Coach Kira. I came away with a new appreciation of just how important it is for me to understand and use the framework of behavioral change as it relates to achieving my health and wellness goals. The emphasis on setting small, realistic goals, while addressing barriers to change, helped me to actually follow through with starting a new, simple exercise routine for myself as well as creating a food plan for letting go of wheat, dairy, and sugar from my diet for a period of time. The group support and input makes a difference.          - JF, Doylestown, PA