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Free Consult

Book a Free 30 Minute Health History Consultation

This is a chance for me to learn about your personal goals around health and wellness! We will spend the time discussing your current health habits and how you can build on what you already know. This is not a sales pitch, but truly my desire to help you find resources to better your wellness!!

Individual Coaching

Changing habits and learning about ourselves takes time.  Whether you want to lose weight, improve your cholesterol or other bio-markers, improve your mood and energy, sleep better etc., working with a coach can help you stay on track. I can help you navigate confusing health situations and tap into your inner intuition to find solutions.

With a 6 Month program, we will meet every other week for a total of 12 sessions.  With a 3 month program, we will meet every other week for a total of 6 session.   The program includes email/text follow ups in between sessions, handouts and resources at each session, invitations to workshops and special gifts.  One of the 6 or 12 sessions can include a grocery store trip, pantry assessment or cooking lesson if desired. We will set small, manageable goals and work through barriers to achieving those goals.

Fresh Runner Beans
Individual Coacing
Freshly Picked Vegetable

Group Coaching

Harnessing the power of group support, we will work on setting personal goals for wellness and healthier eating.  We will discuss the following topics:

  • What are realistic wellness goals for each individual, based on your current situation? We discuss nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management and other topics of interest to participants.

  • Creating a personal plan for achieving the goals we set.  May include breaking down the goal into smaller goals, creating time in your schedule to work on the goal, looking at some recipes etc.

  • Emotional support and tools for overcoming things like comfort eating, cravings and fear of failure.


You can experience group coaching one of two ways: either with your selected group of four or more people, or by joining one of my quarterly group coaching sessions.

Group Coaching

Community Talks

I do community health talks on a variety of different topics, from "Smoking Cessation" to "Why do we Eat what we Eat when we Know what we Know?" to specific health related topics. Listen to a Kira on a recent episode of the Movement Matters podcast for a sample!

Chopping Vegetables
Community Talks


Individual Coaching

3 Month Program

-$390 for 6 sessions if paid in full prior to beginning 

- or -

-2 payments of $210 each, one at beginning and one prior to the fourth session 

3 Month Program Renewal

 - $360 for the next 6 sessions if paid in full prior to beginning 

- or -

 - 2 payments of $195 each, one at beginning and one prior to the fourth session.

Group Coaching

$125 for 5 session group.


-Lessons in nutrition, physical activity, sleep and mindfulness based stress reduction

-Coaching on weight loss, improving biomarkers, increased energy, goal setting, emotional eating and other wellness topics.

-Recipes and handouts at each session

-Email support between sessions.

-Group support during and between sessions.


Available to anyone who has done individual or group coaching

Single sessions are good for a “tune up” or to talk about resources for a new or
ongoing wellness issue you are having.

$85 per session

Follow-Up Coaching
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