Nutritional Testing and individual Health Coaching for 2022

Start your year off right with nutritional testing and health coaching to get your health back on track.  Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy and better mood, or improve your biomarkers (cholesterol, blood sugar etc.), this combination of genetic testing and coaching support will help get you going in the right direction.  Using Nutrigen testing from GX Labs, Dr. Eric Kephart from Kephart Integrative Medicine (KIM) will take a look at your metabolism, digestion, detoxification, food sensitivities and many other markers of health.  We will then come up with a Wellness plan incorporating nutrition, physical activity, sleep and stress management.  Board Certified Health Coach Kira Kraiman will support you with motivation, goal setting, accountability and emotional support for any struggles with your wellness.  You will come away with lifelong tools for improving and maintaining your wellness.  Details:

  1. You will take the simple genetic test using an at-home kit with cheek swab, provided by KIM.  You will discuss your results in a one hour follow up session with Dr. Kephart.  Cost of the test is $299.  Follow up with Dr. Kephart is $100, which is a $50 discount for this special program.

  2. You will receive 6, one hour sessions with Coach Kira, using Zoom, Face time or phone.  Cost for the coaching is $300 for the 6 sessions, which is a $90 discount for this program.

With questions about the Health Coaching process, go here.  To register for the program, go here.

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Tell me about Yourself!!!  Are you feeling tired and depleted? Is your weight not where you want it to be? Are the numbers from your last doctor visit creeping up? Are you feeling stressed and anxious? This is a chance for me to learn about your concerns around your health and wellness! We will spend the time discussing your current health habits and how you can make some simple changes in your Lifestyle  Whether we end up working together or not, I'll provide you with some Resources to help!!

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