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What is a Perfect Health Coaching Client?

My Business Mentor has been encouraging me to identify who my Perfect Client is for Health and Wellness Coaching.  The process has been so interesting, I thought I would share it with you all, to see if any of you think you might be my Perfect Client.  My Perfect Health and Wellness Coaching Client:

1.       Wants more Joy and Energy in their life!!!  This is huge.

2.       Genuinely wants to be healthier in Mind, Body and Spirit and knows that the way to wellness is a holistic approach.

3.       Is open to honestly sharing their struggles and connecting in a real way. Has some self-awareness and curiosity about making changes and is willing to grow their awareness.

4.       Is interested in exploring lifestyle change, with or without medication. *

5.       Is female and 45+ (but I do work with men too!).

6.       Has some knowledge of food and cooking, even just a basic knowledge.

7.       Has done enough exploring of their life to have a little wisdom about what they want.

8.       Doesn’t expect medical advice from me. Does expect me to be professional and uphold our program agreement.

9.       Wants me to ask questions and create space for them to access their own Wisdom, rather than tell them what to do.

10.   Is open to learning tools to manage stress.

11.   Is open to creating a Vision of how a good day/week/month/year would look.

12.   Is open to eating more Vegetables!!

13.   Shares my values of basic human decency and liberty and justice for all.

14.   Has some sort of spiritual practice or is willing to create one.  Not talking about religion here.

15.   Enjoys bringing humor and play into the process.


If some of all of this resonates with you, you might be a good candidate for Health and Wellness Coaching.  Reach out to me here for more info.

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