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My Anxiety App

When you feel anxious, download the “App”. This is an App for your brain, not your phone. With practice, you will be able to download it to your brain whenever you need it.

  1. BREATHE DEEP!! – Stay in the present moment, firmly rooted to the earth, where all is well. There is no stress in the present moment!

  2. CONNECT TO YOUR SOURCE OF WISDOM by breathing into the throat, heart and solar plexus chakras. Know, as you do, that all is well when connected to your Wise Inner Guide (Divine Light, God, whatever you want to call it)

  3. BREATHE in mindful awareness of thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. Notice them but don’t attach to them (i.e. don’t start thinking about them, judging them or worrying why you are having them etc.)

  4. WITH AWARENESS, be curious about whatever comes up (“hmmm, it seems like my chest is tight and I’m feeling afraid and I’m thinking________. I wonder why these things are happening right now?”). Keep it light, like you are a scientist looking objectively at yourself!

  5. BREATHE COMPASSION and No-Judgement for whatever comes up. Our anxiety comes from a deep need to protect ourselves and from the notion that we can control the outcomes of situations (which we can’t). Beating ourselves up for feelings or thoughts will not help the anxiety!! Compassion, curiosity and no-judgement of our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations will help calm them.

  6. Breathe in FAITH that we can use our creativity, courage, problem solving, sensitivity, intuition, intelligence and leadership skills to either find CREATIVE SOLUTIONS to every issue or Accept What We Cannot Change!!!!!

  7. Keep Breathing to find the DIVINE LESSONS that every anxiety producing moment is trying to teach us. What is the silver lining to your challenges???

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