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What do quitting smoking, losing weight and preventing disease have in common?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Your Health is important and I want to help you!! Right now, I will do it on a sliding scale if you are out of work. I know many of us are not thinking of our Wellness right now. We are just trying to get by in social isolation. However, THIS IS THE EXACT TIME WE NEED TO INCREASE OUR WELLNESS. The healthier we are, the less susceptible we will be to the virus and the better we will move forward after this pandemic is over. Reach out here for more info.

If you are a doctor or other professional, I WANT TO TALK TO YOU about helping your patients. If you know doctors, medical professionals or anyone who needs help with their health, please forward this to them or reach out here and let me know. Here’s how I can help:

1. Quit Smoking. I am an experienced, Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist and I want to help you or someone you know quit smoking! This is more important than ever now that COVID-19 is upon us. PLEASE, if you know of anyone who needs to quit, send here to connect with me!! I will help them for free if necessary. Connect with me here.

2. Disease Prevention – If you or someone you know is sliding towards heart disease (the #1 killer in America), diabetes, autoimmune disease, mood disorder or other preventable diseases, I CAN HELP. I’m a trained, Board Certified Health Coach (through the National Board of Medical Examiners) and am well prepared to help you with Lifestyle Change for Disease prevention. Slow, sustainable change and you can still have treats!!

3. Weight loss – If we keep going like we are, by the year 2030, 50% of Americans will be overweight!!!! ( Obesity is linked to almost every health problem out there. However, just a 5% weight loss can make a big difference. I am trained to help people get motivated to make small, steady, SUSTAINABLE changes to lose weight.

4. Holistic Stress Management – Using tools of Mindfulness, meditation, spiritual practices (if desired), better nutrition, adding in some movement and other resources, I help people choose their favorite tools and make a plan.

All of these topics revolve around Lifestyle Change…being willing to improve some of the habits and protocols that aren’t serving us any more. I help people create a Vision of how they want their life to look (mine is “Have calm, creative energy to connect with others, feel competent in my life and find the most joy I can”). With this Vision, we can choose small lifestyle changes, set goals around those changes and work through any challenges (as an example, I had to cut back on caffeine to achieve my Vision of calm and creativity). We focus on client’s strengths and successes with the ultimate goal of the client being self-motivated. I always offer free, 30 minute consults. Please reach out here to connect with me.TIA for passing this on to anyone you know who might need help

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